Parametric Design

While diving into programming by discovering Processing we are questioning our design languages as well. Yesterday Pia gave us a brief introduction to parametric design, its roots and research. Although it has gained speed in architecture in the last decade parametric designs logic and base go back to 60’s. At first glance, without any insight, its ground seems to be only into formal explorations and generation of novel geometries. Apparently it enables such innovations, however the benefits and perspectives it provide are far beyond this and it is considered a part of a wider pursuit. 

I guess this lecture opened a new window to the team by providing a better understanding to parametric design that currently compasses architecture visually and even verbally. This, so to say, accelerating dominance of parametric design may obstruct to comprehend its foundation and principles most of the time. During the lecture Pia referred to many significant works containing projects, books and essays that I will be sharing here as well.

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