W2 Design Input

Right after M2 had ended we had another 3 days workshop, this time with Frédéric Rossano. This was the first event until now that we considered, discussed and assessed the site from a designer point of view. Frédéric didn’t know the valley before so his questions and unprejudiced aspect led everyone into a pre-design phase where creating a holistic stance matters the most. In M2 every team analyzed different dimensions of the site that were exchanged at the end. Therefore design input workshop was an opportunity to step back from these facts without overlooking them.

Yet design ideas were like the inevitable outcome at the end of the 3 days, meaning that there wasn’t an urge by the schedule, rather was there an encouragement that came out as a result of multi-directional tutoring of Frédéric. After all, the 3 days were filled with history, games, design and movies. And the idea of landscape was at the air!


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