Ioulitta and Wolfgang’s task was dealing with the vegetation diagrams, and they did it in a discrete way. We, people of other layers, were taken to a journey embellished with their very personal experience on the site and the diagrams were placed within these individual readings. Rather than only demonstrating rational vegetation facts, they showed a unique expression of insights which claims the data analysis can be subjective too. The work was done with a variety of tools that includes not only GIS, Photoshop, Rhino 5, Grasshopper, Final Cut but also their hand drawings done by watercolor and charcoal.


Below is the text which is the complement of their structure.

In the middle of the valley I feel myself trapped, almost imprisoned, even though I know the exit.
I close my eyes.
I manage to isolate myself completely from the noises of the environment.
No chattering of the cranes, no rattling of the railways and no thundering of the trucks are disturbing my thoughts.
I am standing here trying to transform what I actually perceive.
The cultural heritage goes far back to the past.
The human interventions were quite strong at that time and still are in the present.
Intrusion of foreign tribes, ancient kingdoms, beloved and unwanted kings, revolutions, pieces of religious works dedicated to the majesty of God, wars in the name of God and to assure the economic well-being, …
Urban myths which become reality keep the place alive and create a deep, insurmountable static energy.
Paralyzed (or better frozen?) movements are lying subtly above me.
A silent draft carries me away and leads me to the most enclosed, deserted and hidden places.
Suddenly all my senses are awake. I directly can sense the ambiance as it appears. It overwhelms me.
I smell the cultural traces of the Celts and I think I can even grab the apple of Wilhelm Tell´s son´s head.
The past is present.
Grave clouds are hanging in the sky, wafts of mist are tramping and from time to time getting caught in the higher trees..

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