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Flash Floods and Desert Claims

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Ever Straight, Far Into The West

  Altar Valley Desert Research Line Set in the northern part of Altar Valley, the concept of Altar Valley Desert Research Line is to create a single line of interventions through the site. Some of these interventions will come and go due to the harsh conditions of the flash floods and the dry seasons, some […]

Embankment City

  The general idea of the project is to design a possible solution for a future settlement in the Altar Valley taking into account the local topography and climate and thus presenting a more resilient alternative to the current development processes taking place in the region. The new city is located between the easter edge […]

Linking Park

With our intervention we want to concentrate the urban sprawl of Tucson into the altar valley, on the left side of the Brawley Wash between floodplain and the existing road. The main purpose of our project is to capture some water of the flood for later use and protect it against evaporation, but also try […]

A series of levees

We started our project with the idea of a catalogue with different kind of shapes, each of them having its own purpose, like catching, leading or storing the water. The first shape catches the water during major flash floods by bringing it further away from the flodplain area. The following levees canalize and separate the […]

System of Capillary

By putting objects on a slightly sloped surface and letting the wash running down on it, the water becomes capable to find its own path and creates a new nature shaped landscape. The idea behind it is to slow down and spreaden possible floods so we can face the evolving erosion and fertilize a bigger area.

two ways of dealing with the flash flood.

After analysing the site in various aspects the problem with the flash floods and the flat topography appeared particularly striking. The intention of the project is on the one hand to deal with the flash floods in a big scale to make the polluted water usable for agriculture and for settlements. On the other hand […]

The Crescent

Retention basins formed by dams in the flood plain hold back water during major flash floods. After a flood the stored water can be used to irrigate agricultural fields further downstream. Settlements can be placed on top of the dams, out of danger of being flooded and in close proximity to the water that is […]

Matter shift horizon

An intervention to capture, spread and collect water and mud from the flash floods. The funnel-like structure on the right guide a part of water to a less liable to flooding field.


The Design Studio FS15 “Flash Floods and Desert Claims” has started! It began with an introduction by Christophe Girot to the Sonoran Desert and the first sand modelling exercise. Link: Flash Floods and Desert Claims