Agent based modeling conference in Sao Paulo

I had the opportunity to participate in the AAMAS conference. The acronym means Antonomous Agents and Multiagent Sytems. Participants from everywhere in the world came to the World Trade Center complex in Sao Paulo.


The first day I joined the workshop on Agent Based Modelling for Urban Systems ABMUS 2017. I also presented my work in this workshop, an article called “Scheduling weekly flexible activities in a large-scale multi-agent mobility simulator”. I described the challenges of multi-day activity demand modeling, my approach categorizing activities into fixed or flexible, the algorithm to schedule flexible activities during free time windows, and the results applying these methods to a weekly mobility simulation of Singapore.



Although I thought the presentations in this workshop were very related to my work, I found many different applications of agent-based models to solve urban issues.





During the coming days I participated in other workshops.


I realized researchers use agent based modeling in many disciplines: Robotics, Economy, Game theory, Social Media, Sociology, Phycology, etc.


But still some presentations very related to my work.


Finally we had some time for networking and enjoyment.


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