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Sonya Peter’s Face

Recently I was contacted on Facebook by a good-looking girl called Sonya Peter, roughly at my age. Like me, she is working at ETH Zurich and she even has a common friend with me. Also her taste of music matched … Continue reading

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Collaborative Network Troubleshooting in Practice

In my last article, I discussed the theoretical benefits of MPC for collaborative network security and how basic MPC primitves can be optimized for practical performance. In the last article of this series for now, I’d like to report on … Continue reading

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Enabling Cooperative Network Security with MPC

In my last articles, I argued that next-generation Internet security requires collaboration and that privacy concerns are the main road block for such cooperative solutions. I’ve also discussed network trace anonymization as a potential solution to the privacy issues with … Continue reading

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Setbacks on the Road to Collaborative Network Security

In my last article, I discussed why collaboration among networks is essential for monitoring the Internet and maintaining its security in the future. Unfortunately, such collaboration is very difficult in practice due to privacy concerns.

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Why Next-Generation Internet Security Requires Collaboration

In the fable “The Blind Men and the Elephant” by the American poet John Godfrey Saxe, six blind men from Indostan heard of a thing called “an elephant” but did not know what it was. To satisfy their minds, they … Continue reading

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