Sonya Peter’s Face

Recently I was contacted on Facebook by a good-looking girl called Sonya Peter, roughly at my age. Like me, she is working at ETH Zurich and she even has a common friend with me. Also her taste of music matched mine quite well. But no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t remember meeting her.

Being curious, I replied and tried to find out more. Her reply was prompt, friendly and funny. She was just looking for new friends, “if that’s ok with me”. Sure… Who wouldn’t want new friends. Only then I actually googled her to find out where at ETH she was working. But interestingly, that didn’t bring up anything! Suddenly It came to my mind that Google had recently launched a new feature on image search that allows you to provide an image as a query. That needed to be tested!

Behold, behold! The results were really interesting. It turned out that Sonya has a number of sisters who for some reason look exactly like her. So in case you are interested, they are all single: Sandra Wöss, Corinna Herzog, and Ana Marija Vukovic. But fate apparently had no mercy with the monozygotic quadruplets. Already as babies they were separated and grew up in completely different families. Maybe they don’t even know each other?? Thanks to Google they may now celebrate reunion after 30 years.

What do we take from this? First, most importantly, and needless to say: Don’t accept people you don’t know as contacts. Even if they are gorgeous, work in the same field as you, and know three grand-cousins of you. It was the common friend that made me think Sonya was real in the beginning. Second, Google image search rocks! It gives you the power to uncover misuse of images, your images, in particular. But if I may have a wish: Google, please let us have alerts on images! And if possible, let me be the only person authorized to register such alerts on my profile picture. That way, poor Sarah from Weissenfels would immediately find all her siblings.

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