Introduction to the Communication Systems Group Blog

Welcome to the blog of ETH Zurich’s Communication Systems Group. In this space, we will write about research that we’re doing, projects in which we participate, papers that have been published, and generally all the things that occupy us.

If you have any comments or suggestions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

And now, have fun browsing our blog!

The Communication Systems Group

About Stephan Neuhaus

Stephan Neuhaus has been working in security since 1992, when he was a member of the PGP 2.0 development team. He has since been a successful entrepreneur before going back to University where he got his PhD in Software Engineering from Saarbr├╝cken University in 2008. He is now a Senior Researcher at ETH Zurich, where he works on empirical software security in Prof. Plattner's Communication Systems Group.
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