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To find a new topography for the Klybeck Island we started to form a small bay to play with the outline of the island. We developed this small bay during the semester into a larger river pool which interacts with the whole context.

Thanks of the tide the new river arm changes from a filled up pool to a canal.

We realized that if you want to swim in the Rhine in Basel, you have to swim with the river current. We saw a big benefit of creating a river pool which creates a slower water body during the summertime.

With our designed beach bank we want to integrate that river pool with the city.

To regulate the water flow, the opening to the new Rhine arm is small, 90 degree angled and higher than the Rhine floor. With a weir at the end of the river pool we control the water movement. In order to create the island we use the existing hard edge towards the Rhine and to support the tip of the island we shaped a hard nose.

For swimmers who swim up the Rhine we create a last exit-area with steps to allow the swimmers to get out of the Rhine easily. The exit-area is connected to the beach and the already existing infrastructure offers space for leisure activities and for example changing rooms etc.

We form two long poolside’s, one on the Klybeck Island and one next to the existing Klybeck city to have several possibilities to get to the water.

The banksides are open park spaces, with irregularly planted pines. This area creates free space for leisure activities and place for recreation.

Around the banksides we create a flexible belt with different urban squares which connects the park with the new urban city zone of Klybeck.

The surrounding of this new built river zone is planed as a dense urban zone.  A new Bridge on the north top of the Klybeck Island allows walkers to get on the island. In addition it’s a link between the two urban islands.  The southern tip of the island is free of bridges to assure the atmosphere of an island

Next to the industrial part of Klybeck, we plan an attractive outgoing zone for the people of Basel with restaurants and cultural offers.

Between the new designed river bank and the existing city we used the old train tracks to create a new leisure area. The in-betweens of the train-tracks are filled up with different materials, so that this long strip creates a perfect place for walkers, inline skaters, bikers, runners and other sport activities.

Old wagons offer also changing rooms and showers for the lake swimmers.

We try to integrate several existing infrastructure in our design and organize the utilization in a new way.