Midterm Review_Stripes ‘n’ Slopes_ Altermatt&Maag

BBB Review2 Blog-PlanStrolling along the Rhine bank in Basel you often find the idea of a large, upper promenade accompanied by a smaller path close to the water level. This local typology we wanted to integrate in our new landscape design. Due to these different layers in height we can play with the various water levels throughout the year. During the high water level you are only centimeters above the water, while in the cold seasons with the lower water level you get more distance to it.

The landscape is structured in stripes following the flow of the Rhine, so while circulating on the main paths of the island, it is always possible to see the water areas. The border edges of each stripe are shaped as a bench and give the opportunity to have a rest there. Arranged side by side the stripes alternate in material and function. With the sloping topography over the whole island, various zones are created in different dimensions and levels of privacy. The vegetation emphasizes this longitudinal direction and divides these zones further into smaller specific areas.

The shape of the island is built up by a hard edge facing the Rhine and with a soft edge merging into the new river arm. Its river bed is going to be sloped down towards the Wiese to get a cushion like effect, which calms down the waterstream on the beachzone. A weir is placed near the end of the new river arm where it connects with the Wiese.

The buildings in the city part align themselves to the stripes going all the way over both islands, creating multiple new public open spaces.

The old silos are preserved while the walls will be removed and filled with new functions like showers, changing rooms and a café on the ground level and sitting platforms on the higher levels.