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The fact of the existance of an ancient Klybeck island motivated us to create a green islet, which stands out as a landmark for the neighbourhood. Therefore, the main concept is about building two very dense and very different islands, one filled with a wood, the other with buildings. The confrontation of culture and nature provocates a tension, wich is perceivable on the generous recreation space in between, lining up around the green core oft he site.

Because of the smaller shape of the park-island there is the possibility to extend the existing city to the border of the new Rhine canal with a new layer of a dense neighbourhood. The combination of the sloping topography and some new buildings next to the big square should work as a clear border in order to seperate itself to the artificial hill on the other side of the square. The small hill works like the starting point of the city-island with an important public function. As a result of these interventions the topography should be read as a combination of two different islands, which are clearly defined in their way of use.
The alignement of the new promenade next to the bank is an important point in the project. The main path should work as one smooth line in order to cross the whole area in a logical way. The two main recreation spaces divide the promenade in two, so that the port in the north has its own access to the banks of basel in the south. This promenades serve different levels and give view to some points of attraction, for example an old oiltank or the former terminal hall, wich is now the center of the northern square and is used for concerts ect. The place to take a bath on the city-side is meant to be an urban situation. Instead of a ‘traditional beach’ there is a hard boarder to the water on the side of the city to provide an urban relationship to the water. Next to the Promenade there is always the possibility to step down to more intimate spaces on the bank.
In contrast to the ‘urban beach’ on the city-side, the island has a traditional beach on the northern part.

The city itself is very much copied and adapted from the given structure. Looking for more acceptance, our buildings are similar in height and density tot he neighbourhood. The buildings on the main land are made as blocks with defined courtyards, but can also be read as continous row of houses, emphasizing the linearity and strength oft he site.
Ont the city island the area is cleary divided in a back and a front, whereas in the east it gonna be worked and in the west there is supposed to live.