Franziska Humair

I am employed by the Swiss Confederation. Initially I have been hired as the manager for biodiversity communication in the division of Species, Ecosystems, Landscapes Division. Soon after my start in communications, I have been appointed as the project leader for the development of the action plan to implement the Swiss biodiversity strategy.

My work builds on the preliminary work of my colleagues who first developed the Swiss Biodiversity Strategy (SBS) with its long-term objective: “Biodiversity is rich and has the capacity to react to change. Biodiversity and its ecosystem services are conserved in the long term”. Second, they started the participative process where measures were defined in order to achieve the objectives of the SBS. Now it is my job to consolidate the respective action plan containing these measures, to make sure that documents necessary for public consultation are correctly prepared (i.e., information on new legal regulations necessary to put the action plan in practice, on costs to implement the measures, on the assessment of impacts of the implementation of the strategy for economy and society), and to maintain the dialogue about the implementation process within FOEN, but also between FOEN and different stakeholders. With regard to an impact at the interface of science and policy/science and society, I feel that I have the chance to move things – slowly but steadily – as well as to enhance networking and dialogue for a the most relevant issue for (human) life on earth: biodiversity!

Engaging in a Science and Policy Dialogue