AIA Symposium Recording and behind the scenes

The AiA Symposium was a huge success, with over 150 participants following our event we were overwhelmed by the positive response and participation. A big thanks goes also to our speakers for their excellent talks and the high quality discussion in the panel.
For those of you who could not follow the life stream please follow the link below to check out the recording:

AiA Symposium

Here is a list of time stamps allowing you to fast forward to the respective speakers (the small white dots in the time line allow you to jump to a speaker directly):

Session 1
10:24    Stanislas Chaillou                               (Latent Architecture)
34:27    Mathias Bernhard                               (Future Vectors, Encoding of Architecture in Various Domains)
58:02    Ania Apolinarska & Luis Salamanca  (Conditional autoencoders for generative architectural design)
1:20:21 Tyson Hosmer & Panagiotis Tigas     (Towards An Autonomous Architecture)

Session 2
1:49:26     Pierre Cutellic  (Neurodesign   Modelling with neural potentials)
2:17:31     Iro Armeni        (Automatically generating structured information on the as-is status of facilities from visual data)
2:39:50     Alec Jacobson (How do we get to -ubiquitous- 3D?)
3:03:57     Caitlin Mueller  (ML for Human Design: Creativity and Performance)

Panel Discussion
3:30:16      Moderation Norman Sieroka

If you have any trouble accessing the link please contact Jan Hiss under

Behind the scenes

Since such a big event always includes a lot of organizational work we wanted to show you a bit how it looked from our site 🙂 We build our headquarter in the RETHINK OpenLab at ETH Zürich were we were able to create a small interview corner and overlooked the webinar technique and Q&A. Big thanks goes to the whole team!