Who we are and what we do

RETHINK is a future-oriented non-commercial, non-partisan think tank of ETH Zurich for design thinking with artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) seems to be everywhere today – with applications in almost all fields of modern science. From robotics and biology to chemical engineering and healthcare, applying AI to design processes positions most scientific fields for progress. Will AI change the scientific discovery process? Which role will the human scientist have? Are we ready to take advantage of AI and understand its impact on science and society?

RETHINK brings together leading experts to unveil the mystery that often shrouds these technologies and explore stellar AI-enabled advances in various fields of science. Researchers from ETH Zurich and other institutions work together on the various facets of AI to address the scientific and philosophical challenges of the 4th industrial revolution.

RETHINK is a non-profit initiative of ETH Zurich, forming a unit within its Department of Chemistry and Applied Biosciences with associated ETH research groups from across ETH Zurich, all active in problem solving by design thinking and processes. By invitation, RETHINK allows commercial and non-commercial entities to become partners of the initiative.

RETHINK forms a think tank – an international network of leading players from industry and academia, building on transdisciplinarity, professionalism and open communication. It connects design thinking and artificial intelligence as bridging concepts across the discipline-specific boundaries.

RETHINK is embedded in a strong global network of leading partners, enabling scientific exchange among the ETH research groups and the partners of the initiative on a professional level. RETHINK offers an OpenLab environment for its researchers and for visiting guests. The OpenLab allows research projects, project meetings, workshops and other events with the idea of consequent trans-disciplinary networking and open communication enabling creativity.


ETH Zurich, RETHINK, Vladimir-Prelog-Weg 4, 8093 Zurich, Switzerland

Email: info@rethink.ethz.ch  |  URL: www.blogs.ethz.ch/rethink/