Heavy device

The last equipment is removed from the field side in Aarwangen. A special thanks to the staff from the Kieswerk Risi. They were really helpful and kind. Their heavy wheel loader removed the ground anchors and moved the helium bundle to the truck.
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Let the Helium out

It is a bit sad, but let all the Helium out of the HoloBalloon. We gained a lot of experiences, had some nice flights, collected good cloud data and most important everything survived. But now the measurements season is for HoloBalloon is over and it is time to analyse the data.

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Strong wind but clouds

Today we were pessimistic that we have clouds to measure. But as it this are our last days were we are allowed to close the airspace, we still wanted to test how some new set-up ideas behave under strong wind.

It was a nice surprise that we actually had clouds to measure, also the winds get really strong higher up. Unfortunately our wind measurements were not working, but we estimated at least 50 km/h of wind speed. The instrument was heavily shaking and there was quite some tension on the main tether, but the winch brought everything down in one piece.

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Sunrise, but no clouds

HoloBallon was in the air at six in the morning, ready to measure clouds, but the clouds were still missing. At least we got a nice video of the sunrise and are now confident that night measurements are possible.

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Night session

Also it is the coldest night of the year with -15 °C, we are motivated to catch some clouds tonight. But until midnight we had a starlit night. Let have some hour of sleep in the hotel and hope for the morning.

Heating pads and hot tea to keep us warm.
Enough clothes helps also.
And a fire during the night.
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… and out of the cloud

That is how the cable looked after being for three hours in the cloud.
But the instruments survived it just fine.
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Into the cloud

Finally, we make it into the cloud. We could measure 10 profiles of the lower edge of the cloud. The upper edge was too high to penetrate it.


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Almost clouds

Today it looked really promising. But when HoloBalloon reached its maximum altitude, we realized that the cloud layer is just a little bit higher. But we are coming nearer to the clouds.

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Maximum altitude reached

Today we reached a height above ground of 700 m. Because of air traffic regulations we are not allow to fly higher. Unfortunately, the cloud were still higher. 
Looks like the HoloBalloon can dissolve clouds. Would be great if this would be the truth.
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Video of the first 200 m flight.

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