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Zonnon on CodePlex

Saturday, October 12th, 2013

Source code of command line Zonnon compiler is now available on

The repository contains

Compiler/ (83KLOC in 49 C# source files)
CommandLine/ (one 597-line C# source file)
Zonnon.RTL/ (5.4KLOC in 44 C# source files)
Tester/ (one 954-line C# source file)

the repository also contains DLLs with CCI required by the compiler. CCI is the (original, encumbered) Microsoft Common Compiler Infrastructure framework which handles the generation of .NET binaries from an abstract
syntax tree, and also provides Visual Studio integration for the compiler.  The compiler DLL is also called by the command-line wrapper (CommandLine/ sub-project).

Zonnon.RTL contains the runtime library DLL which is required by any program which is generated by the Zonnon compiler.

Tester/ is the program which calls the compiler DLL for each test program in the automated testing. The test suite currently contains 1514 individual tests.

Fundamentally, the Zonnon compiler parses a “snippet” of code (either a section of code provided by the CCI framework during integrated development / syntax checking, or a full Zonnon program in the case of the command-line compiler), builds a Zonnon parse tree for the code, converts that to a CCI tree, and if appropriate hands it off to CCI to generate the .NET code.