Retreat with IMSB

This week we had a small focused retreat or ‘code camp’ with Lars Malmstr√∂m’s group who is working very tightly with SyBIT on providing the tools and services for proteomics analysis in PhosphoNetX in the Aebersold lab.

We have been 11 people, 5 from Lars’ group and 5 from SyBIT and myself. The idea was to get everyone up to speed with the status of all available components of the toolbox at IMSB and to write usable workflows that can be put to use immediately.

We have been able to go through all components of the toolbox and we have documented a ‘test’ workflow which is a simple genomics search using bowtie. We identified the weak points of the integration of the components, improving them on the spot. Work on other workflows has also started and will progress now back in the office.

The retreat has surpassed my expectations on what can be achieved Рone can make a lot of progress in such a way Рbut we also were at it from morning till late. Of course we also made a couple of excursions to the beautiful landscape of the Vierwaldstätter See.

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