Visit to Broad Institute

Today I had a short conversation with Anne Carpenter and Thouis Ray Jones at the Broad Institute in Cambridge (Boston). I have given her a short overview of our Swiss ‘landscape’ with, SyBIT and all the institutions working with us, and who is working on what in what context among the people they already interacted with. I also gave her a short functionality description also of openBIS and its relation to iBRAIN.

She said that the large-scale batch analysis of images was not such a high priority for them although they do have a prelimiary web service to provide cluster submission. Ray later said that they do run into scaling problems concerning file storage and large numbers of files sometimes, but it is not a very burning problem yet. They did not think about that yet.

They are interested in assuring that their tools can at least interface to our iBRAIN modules and would be willing to spend time to assure that this is the case, and reinforced their interest to host Pauli and Ela for a couple of days to discuss this.

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