Meeting with the SIB Education Board

Ela and I also had a meeting with members of the SIB education board, Marc Robinson-Rechavi, Patricia Palagi and Frederique Lisacek. They have shown us what the SIB has organized until now. They have several pages where the education activities in Bioinformatics in all of Switzerland are easily accessible:

There are basically three levels of courses: the regular Masters classes (per semester), PhD courses (semester or summerschools) and courses for further education which can be just a couple of days or a week.

The agreement was that for Bioinformatics we (SyBIT and in general) simply attach ourselves to these pages, ie. if we plan courses we will advertise them here or if someone asks for courses we direct them there as well. We are going to actively suggest to our partners to do the same.

We will keep close contact to exchange information about education needs, and I offered our help to disseminate information about these pages in Zurich and Basel, or also prepare and create courses should some need arise that we could address.

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