SyBIT Presentation in Bern

Today I had a presentation in Bern, at Chris Kuhlemeier’s lab. (We have a SyBIT project together with Richard Smith, working on a confocal imaging software that he has written. SyBIT pays Thierry Schuepbach (from VitalIT) to do some consulting and coding.) There were around 10 people in the audience including Chris, so it was quite an informal setting with many questions and discussions.

I have explained what SyBIT is and what we intend to do and have shown them our projects so far. They were very interested on all levels, including local file management and tracking for which they might be interested in an openBIS instance, basic lab document handling (a wiki) and also bioinformatics consultancy in genetics.

The consultancy or help they need would also be for the research they do on the tef plant, see the last X-Letter, page 6pp on the topic concerning bioinformatics help. I had a nice tour with Dr. Tadele visiting his plants and lab.

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