On Finance and 2nd Party Funding

The finance reporting is now over, but there have been many uncertainties about 2nd and 3rd party funding and how they should be reported (or not). 2nd party is defined as relevant funding in the same scope coming from other public and private funding agencies (EU, SNF, etc). 3rd party funding is funding through industrial collaborations. See the SystemsX.ch Finance Handbook for the exact definition.

SystemsX.ch needs to report (to political bodies mainly) how much additional funding and collaboration was “generated” by SystemsX.ch. Obviously this is very hard to assess, and there are no clear instructions and rules. If you have perfect overlap between say an EU project deliverable and a SystemsX.ch deliverable and claim this on both sides, you would have received double funding, and both the EU and SystemsX.ch would claim their money back. However if you can only do certain work because of the perfect overlap, ie. do work that otherwise would not have been possible and the funding is complementary, then you do exactly what everyone wants to see. But again, this may be a fine line to walk. If you can clearly specify synergetic effects, you should report them. There may of course also be only partial funding claimed for ‘synergetic effects that would otherwise not have been possible’, this is in your best judgement to specify.

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