Discussion about the ETHZ D-BIOL IT Strategy

Today I have met with Jacques Laville and Nico Graf who are in charge of setting up and implementing a department-wide IT Strategy for the Biology Department of the ETHZ. They have written a long document explaining the reqiurements and major points of the Strategy. SystemsX.ch is explicitly mentioned as a partner, defining interfaces to their processes in the document. They foresee to integrate IT supporters at the individual institutes of the Deparment. These supporters would take care of the mundane IT support at hand (laptops, printers, etc) but also act as the interface to the InformatikDienste for larger projects (servers, storage, clusters). They also assure that information on new requirements and needs is properly communicated and that economies of scale can be exploited. All in all it is the same strategy as SyBIT but in a different context, and I mentioned to them that this is very nicely aligned with what we would like to do.

In the IMSB there is a new person that will take up this position as of this month. From now on we can directly communicate with him if we need any new infrastructure, this is a great help.

I also need to nominate our local SyBIT people to participate in some discussions as invited guests whenever topics are on the table that are relevant to SystemsX.ch. Since we have Emanuel and Adam on site, I gave their names to Jacques. They will work together with the new person whenever we need IT services. Some existing tasks can be passed on to this person soon – after an accomodation phase of course.

We also agreed to organise two workshops – one about openBIS and its usage in D-BIOL (we have three instances by now) and they would like to invite someone from the OMERO community and an industrial partner to see what they have to offer. The first workshop will be organized by us.

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