Discussion with Nicola Zamboni

Today I had a short chat with Nicola Zamboni, who leads our efforts for the YeastX metabolomics project. He is using the openBIS installation there quite extensively and has introduced is as a tool for all of the Sauer Lab. The amount of data being ingested is growing now, and he needs mechanisms to partition it, as also the actual metabolomics data is ingested into the DB, not just the metadata. It should be easy to partition the DB however into time chunks, ie. keep the total size almost constant and load only the most recent data, keeping older datasets stored on HSM storage (DB export). Whenever old data is needed, it can be reimported into the DB. CISD will work with him on this. He also says that now there would be a good time to add a UI to the system, right now he uses openBIS only as a back-end, integrating his own tools through the DB interface directly. The openBIS Web UI has not been used yet, and at any rate would need to be customized. That is a specific new project which we need to schedule but this will certainly happen.

Nicola made a very satisfied impression and seems very happy to work with us.

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