I have an open task from the SEB to suggest policies for SystemsX.ch concerning publications and their access. I have been surveying what is available in the Swiss and international landscape for a while now (hence also the visits to the NEERI and APA conferences, see other blogs). Simultaneously I have been trying to find out what was already available in CH, see also the links in the APA blog.

So today I had a discussion with Roberto Mazzoni of the Informatikdepartement in the University of Zurich. He heads the project that the UZH is using to implement their open access policy. The system is called Zuich Open Repository and Archive ZORA. The system is very light-weight, it is nothing but a collection of the pdf’s of all publications by the University of Zurich researchers. The UZH makes it mandatory to send a pdf copy of all papers to ZORA. The researchers get a Unique Identifyer back that they can refer their colleagues to. For those publications that have their Copyright transferred to some publisher, the idea is that the publications are protected by a password so that only the UZH researchers can get access, thus keeping the contract. So for example all SystemsX.ch papers with UZH participation will end up in ZORA.

I have found this system very nice and asked Roberto whether it might be possible for them to host also other collections (like all the papers of SystemsX.ch)? The answer is yes, they have done that already once in the past for some Asian Studies. Of course we would need to add security such that all SystemsX.ch partners have access, but this could be done through SWITCH-AAI.

So a possible SystemsX.ch policy could be to mandate to put a copy of all publications into ZORA. All papers would recieve a unique identifier that can be then referred to in other places, especially in data collections that we will need to publish as well in the future.

I am taking this up now with the SyBIT MB and also the SEB, they will need to decide whether this is what SystemsX.ch will want to implement or not.

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