Comet Photo AG: Pelicans at the Zurich Zoo, 1962 (Com_L11-0066-0001-0003)

The following authors work regularly on this blog:

Tobias Amslinger, Head Max Frisch Archive

Markus Appenzeller, Maps

Dr. Alexandra Barcal Schaffner, Collections of Prints and Drawings

Evelyn Boesch, ETH Zurich University Archives

Martin Bosshard, Rare Books

Dr. Barbara Brauckmann, Head Chemische und Pharmakognostische Sammlung

Dr. Katja Burzer, Baubibliothek

Monica Bussmann, ETH Zurich University Archives

Michael Gasser, Head Archives

Nicole Graf, Head Image Archive

Michael Greeff, Entomological Collection

Dr. Gillian Grün, focusTerra

Dr. Meda Hotea, Head Rare Books and Maps

Christian John Huber, Head ETH Zurich University Archives

Dr. Ulrike Kastrup, Head focusTerra

Katrin Keller, Thomas Mann Archives

Roland Lüthi, Image Archive

Dr. Daniel Nerlich, Archives of Contemporary History

Zeljka Pijunovic, ETH Zurich University Archives

Franziska Schärli, Archives of Contemporary History

Fabian Schneider, Rare Books

Dr. Yvonne Voegeli, ETH Zurich University Archives

Edith Völker, Rare Books

Roman Walt, Maps

Marion Wullschleger, ETH Zurich University Archives

Agnese Quadri, Collections and Archives

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