Thread Building Blocks

Intel Thread Building Blocks (TBB) is a open source C++ library. Its aim complies with the one of OpenMP: taking advantage of multi-core processors without being an expert on parallel programming. TBB provides a rich and pretended complete set of algorithms, containers, models and primitives for concurrent software. I would really call it the C++ […]


Cilk ARTS is a MIT spin-off which develops Cilk++, an enhancement of the Cilk Project. Cilk++ is similar to OpenMP in that way that you specify the program’s concurrency structure with special keywords. The tool chain and the run time thereby turn your sequential program into a highly concurrent one. Cilk ARTS focuses on porting […]


OpenMP is a set of compiler directives and a run time environment which enable programmers to implement fork-and-join models very easy. Fork-and-join means that a sequential program comes to a point where parallel execution is possible and meaningful. At this point multiple threads of execution are started which do all the partial computations in parallel. […]