Programming Abstractions with Debugging Support for Resource-Constrained Devices

Abstractions are crucial in order to manage complex systems. In pervasive computing, though, common programming abstractions tend to be too expensive for the employed resource-constrained devices. In recent years, the wireless sensor network community has proposed several solutions to this problem. However, little has been done to also support debugging on the level of the […]

Meta-Debugging Pervasive Computers

As computers get more complex, the task of programming them gets more complex as well. This is especially true for the “Pervasive Computer”, which is a massively distributed system consisting of unreliable embedded devices that communicate with each other over lousy wireless links. A common approach to address the programming problem is to offer programming […]

meta level debugging

One of the challenges in meta programming is the ability to debug on the meta level. It is not satisfying to have to step through the generated code in order to figure out what is wrong in the model. And indeed many meta programming toolchains have poor support for proper debugging. But wait, this problem […]