Current Business

The last ASIUS meeting on January 26, 2017 took place in Berne,
discussed topics included

  • Status update from SWITCH, including a follow up on the current status of SWTICH engine (SCALE-UP), and  SWITCHcast
  • NICT Status & Next Steps: NICT, the Network ‘ICT Services for Swiss Higher Education’, has been approved by Swissuniversities; the NICT committee is about to establish; a first joint meeting of ASIUS, FID and PH-ID should take place in June 2017; the NICT representative for the P-5 “Scientific Information” steering is to be nominated until March 2017
  • “Your University in the Digital Age” – round table discussion
  • Internet of Things: the LORA Network – presentation
  • The next ASIUS/NICT Joint Meeting is scheduled for June 15, 2017 (confirmation PH-ID pending)

The ASIUS meeting on September 5/6, 2016 took place in Lucerne, discussed topics included

  • Status update from SWITCH, including a follow up on the current status of SWTICH engine (SCALE-UP), and  particular on the future of SWITCHcast
  • A national organization for national academic IT Services, compare chapter 2.7 in
    the document “Bündelung der Kräfte in der wissenschaftlichen Information” of the SUK P 2 program “Wissenschaftliche Information”: A corresponding position paper has been approved by the ASIUS members, no objection, some few abstainments.
  • Future positioning of ASIUS w.r.t. the recent constitution of swissuniversities: follow up; ASIUS will form an expert network mandated by swissuniversities together with FID and PH-ID.
  • The potential impact of a legal assessment by Prof. W. Wohlers on direct public offerings has been discussed.
  • Collection of the ASIUS Top Near Future Issues; identifying local IT strategies and their common denominator. The top 10 ASIUS topics are
    • Workplace
    • Information Security
    • Collaboration
    • Content Mgmt
    • ITSM
    • Study management
    • IT governance
    • Compliance
    • Billing
    • IDM

Former ASIUS meetings are not documented on this page.